School newspaper design, using Google Slides.

For the course

The aim of the course is to: Motivates students to express themselves in writing; Builds confidence in articulating thoughts and ideas; Improves creative thinking of the students; Cultivates critical thinking; Builds community and teamwork; Showcases the outcome of the educational process; Improves communication; Students feel heard – they are empowered to design, write, publish; Self-regulated learning.

What will you learn?

Steps to Start Your School/ Class Newspaper:

  • Gather the class
  • Present the idea
  • Decide how often the newspaper will be issued – once a month/ every second month
  • Set the team responsible – teacher and students/volunteers
  • Think of the responsibilities of each member of the team – writers, photographers, editors
  • Decide on the format – Pdf, Google sites
  • Choose a name
  • Choose what sections are you going to have
  • Think about pictures, photos and copyright
  • Design the front page


Our class – Newsletter 6

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In this programme, you may find:

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